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We feel very fortunate to receive countless compliments and testimonials from our parents, reflecting on their family’s journey and their satisfaction. See our reviews below, and feel free to leave us a review yourself. We appreciate your time, and we strive to be the best possible early childhood school available for your child.

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"We joined Cozy Daycare a little over year ago, and my son loves being there. As a parent I am happy with level of care and attention kids receive. I would recommend Cozy Daycare to all interested parents."


(Mervin’s mother)

"This daycare is wonderful. My 2 y.o. absolutely loves it. The place is clean, kids are fed fresh homemade, nutritious meals. My daughter would not eat at home, but she would ask for second at daycare.. The teachers are practically family, very personable and warm. Kids are kept busy and entertained. They do a lot of arts, music and dance, story and play time. Kids also spend time outside taking wonderful trips to the park nearby or play at the onsite private playground."


(Laura’s mother)

“We love Inna and her staff. Our daughter looks forward to going to Inna’s. Her backyard and close proximity to cave is unbelievable. Additional bonus, my daughter used to be picky eater and now eats a variety of healthy foods, thanks to Inna."


(Izzy’s mother)