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About us

The Kiddy Center builds its program on the premise that each child is a unique individual with a definite growth and developmental pattern. We are committed to the belief that early childhood education is vitally important to our children’s future.

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About Our Daycare

We are located in quite park zone in smoke-pet-free building. Children need to feel safe, loved and happy when are away from their parents. They want to have fun, be curious and explore. We strive to create an atmosphere that helps them to develop cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially. Knowing your child is in such environment will give you peace of mind while you're apart!

Our Philosophy

Cozy DayCare is dedicated to providing a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere that allows children to develop at their own pace. We believe that a positive self-image develops when a child is shown love, affection and a positive attitude in everyday situations.

Our Mission

To provide quality childcare using developmentally appropriate activities in a safe, secure home-like environment. We use ONLY ORGANIC FOOD for nutrition. 

Our Programs

We have various programs for children of different age.

Our Daycare Pictures

Our professional staff encourages individual exploration and growth in a well-equipped environment that is stimulating, safe, consistent, and nurturing.