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Kids Are The Best Explorers In The World

Since 2014 Cozy DayCare Center has been providing top-quality care and education to  elementary and preschool aged children in Newton, MA.

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Welcome Our Daycare

Cozy DayCare welcomes children of any race, nationality, creed, or ethnic origin. Each and every child within our care will enjoy all rights andprivileges of the center’s program, without exception

What Is Our Daycare

Our goal at Cozy DayCare  to provide a safe, creative and intellectually stimulating environment for children. The children are surrounded by an atmosphere of respect and loving appreciation for one another.

Family Based


Parent Friendly


Organic Nutrition



We provide a variety of group activities, individual play and quiet periods with the use of many play and learning materials and games that help children gain confidence in their abilities to make and do things!!!


We help to develop physical skills that will help children participate, understand and respond to their environment.


We organize active cognitive development of all kids through role game and interactions.


Creative activities are the basis of our everyday life, we guarantee full freedom of self-expression

Postal Address

Cozy DayCare
39 Bencliffe Circle
Auburndale, MA 02466

Phone & E-mail

Phone: 1-617-264-0604

Working Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Weekend – Closed


Thursdays, 9:30am – Art
Fridays, 9:30am – Music
Everyday,  9:30am – Learning

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"We joined Cozy Daycare a little over year ago, and my son loves being there. As a parent I am happy with level of care and attention kids receive..."


Mervin's Mother

“This daycare is wonderful. My 2 y.o. absolutely loves it. The place is clean, kids are fed fresh homemade, nutritious meals. They do a lot of arts, music and dance, story and play time...”


Laura’s Mother

“We love Inna and her staff. Our daughter looks forward to going to Inna’s. Her backyard and close proximity to cove is unbelievable...”


Izzy's Mother